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Raquel Cañadas
29 Nov 2022

The fieldwork of the Postdoctoral Researcher has already started!

Mihai Andrei Leaha travelled to Brazil (São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro) for three weeks. 

The fieldwork aimed to observe, also through filming and photography, the "life" of (fake) online images that fins a reflection in the "real", offline world in the turmoil of the 2022 presidential elections. 

In addition, the researcher was able to have the first contact with some of the actors fighting the information war (news agencies; artists' collectives; technology educators; researchers; state agencies) and at the same time, he observed the propagation and intensification of images, in online and offline environments, in the context of the presidential elections.

Mihai is now sorting through his ethnographic material, but very soon we will be able to see the results. 


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