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Raquel Cañadas
20 Feb 2023

On Thursday 9 February, the principal investigator of the project, Dr. Roger Canals, gave a talk entitled: Open debate on Visual Anthropology: experimentation, collaboration and artificial intelligence.

Dr. Canals defined what Visual Anthropology is and presented the debates and controversies that characterise it. He also reflected on how we relate to and through images. He also explained the Visual Trust research project, which aims to answer questions about trust in scientific, social and religious images. 

We invite you to watch the whole meeting at the following link: 

This event was part of the Travesías Seminar of the Centro de Estudios Iberoamericanos (CEI) of the University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo (UPRA) and was attended by professors and students from different departments of the university.  

From the project, and especially from Dr. Roger Canals, we would like to thank the University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo, particularly its Rector, Dr. Carlos A. Andújar Rojas, as well as its Dean of Academic Affairs, Dr. Weyna Quiñones Castillo, and for the kind invitation of Dr. Gabriel Alemán Rodríguez, Director of the Department of Social Sciences, and Dr. Carlos D. Altagracia Espada, Director of the Centre for Ibero-American Studies.


The author of the photographs and the poster of the talk is Dr. Gabriel Alemán Rodríguez, Director of the Department of Social Sciences.

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