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Raquel Cañadas
09 Jun 2023

On Monday 12 and Tuesday 13 June we will be holding the first international conference of the project.

It will take place at the Faculty of Geography and History (University of Barcelona), fourth floor, Jane Addams room. 

The general theme of this conference is Image-Making and will reflect on some of these questions among others: How and for what purposes are images brought into existence? What are the processes of image-making in religion, science, photography or in the realm of Internet and IA generated images? For whom are images made?

The conference will bring together leading researchers from around the world working on religion, the Internet, science and photography, among other fields.

The conference will be recorded, and we will publish all sessions at a later date. 

Below, you can see the conference schedule:

First day (12.6.23)
Second day (13.6.23)


Image source: 

Artist: Samuel Lind

Photo: Roger Canals (PI)

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