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Raquel Cañadas
27 Feb 2023

ERC Visual Trust Principal Investigator, Dr Roger Canals, presented the ERC Visual Trust project on Wednesday 1 February 2023 at the Social and Caribbean Sciences Archive, University of Puerto Rico. The title of his talk was: "Visual Trust. A visual anthropology project on the ethics of the social, scientific and religious image".

During the presentation, Dr. Canals explained the audiovisual methodologies of the project, defined the image within visual anthropology studies, and opened the debate on post-truth, post-photography and false images. He also defined the research tasks, focused on answering the criteria of trust we place in social, religious and scientific images, as well as analysing how images are made and how they are destroyed.

From the project, and especially on behalf of Dr. Roger Canals, we would like to thank Dr. Jorge Giovannetti for organising the event, and Dr. Emilio Pantojas for the excellent welcome to the Institute of Caribbean Studies.

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